MAP Summer 2016

For ten months out of the year, I write and post Bible articles, engage in social media evangelism, and travel the country speaking at Gospel meetings, youth events, and revivals. But when summer comes, my primary attention turns elsewhere.

At the beginning of June, for the last 17 years, a precious group of young people has been gathering at the headquarters of the Missionaries for America Program in Paragould, AR, to receive training in the missionary principles of Christ.

On Sunday, July 31, the 2016 MAP summer officially ended and a very tired group of MAPsters separated, heading out to their specific mission fields back home. Approximately twenty-five young people from four different states came to the program this year. Most of them lived with us for all 8 weeks. Below is a summary of their work.

Over the last 8 weeks:

•We developed an entirely new MAP VBS. Skits were written, the backdrops were drawn and painted, and we conducted the VBS at two different congregations (AR, IN).

•We completed a verse by verse study of both First and Second Corinthians.

•We interacted with hundreds of other Christian youth from more than ten different church youth groups.

•We memorized chapter topics for the 24 chapters of Luke, 28 chapters of Acts, 16 chapters of Romans, major points on a Bible map, major happenings on a Bible timeline, the 12 Apostles, 39 books of the Old Testament, 27 books of the New Testament, 9 Fruit of the Spirit, and completed over forty hours of concentrated Bible study!

•We traveled over 2,000 miles, through 7 different states while having Bible studies in motel rooms, church basements, and under the trees beside Lake Michigan.

In times like these, I take great comfort in knowing there are still young people out there who are willing to give up band camps, sports camps, family vacations, sleeping in, etc., to devote their entire summer to Bible study and mission work. Hats off to the 2016 MAP team! I love and admire all of you!!

If you know a young person who is serious about Bible study and the potential joys of ministry, the Missionaries for America Program would be a great place for them to shine. Please contact me or my oldest son, Bryson, at


Written by Sonny Childs


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