Q: What is the MAP School of Biblical Studies?

The period of time between graduating high school and finding a functional place in the world can be very difficult, especially for Christians. The MAP staff is often approached by young adults who desire to move closer to our headquarters. They dream of continuing their spiritual walk within a context that allows closer association with other Christian young people who are going through a similar transition in life.

Many of these young adults have immense spiritual potential. However, they are often discouraged because life didn’t fall into place quite as quickly for them as it did for others. They want to go to college, trade school, or start a job, but struggle getting started. Others simply don’t want to “age out” of the Missionaries for America Program. They want to continue in the process of advancing their Bible knowledge and effectiveness in sharing it with others. It is the purpose of the MAP School of Biblical Studies to meet those needs as we continue to train missionaries for America.

For 17 years, the Missionaries for America Program has been blessed to train hundreds of young minds during its intense summer training program. However, during the rest of the year, many of the MAP buildings have sat vacant and unused.

In the fall of 2017, the MAP Board of Directors decided to expand our utilization of the property through a training school called MAP School of Biblical Studies. Interested young adults (18 and older) make application to live in these facilities. In return, they are expected to complete 5 Bible courses (70 class periods) during each semester (September – December, January – April). They are also required to complete 2 hours per week of MAP work and pay a student housing fee ($225/month) to help offset utilities and upkeep expenses.

MAP classes are scheduled on weekends and evenings in order to give these individuals the opportunity to have a job or attend college or trade school.

Q: How much does it cost?

Classes are free to anyone who does not live on the MAP property. Those living in one of the MAP “apartmentettes” are charged a student housing fee of $225/month to help offset utilities and upkeep expenses.