The $17 in ’17 Project

Since our beginning in the summer of 2000, MAP has trained over 150 different Christians during our Summer Training Program alone. During their time with us, these Christians have been trained to see a mission field wherever they find themselves. The large majority of our MAPsters continue to be outstanding missionaries in America today.

Join the $17 in ’17 Project

All donations are tax deductible.


The difficult economy, of late, has affected everyone and MAP is no exception. While God continues to be faithful in taking care of us financially, we have been struggling to meet our budget month to month.

This is where the $17 in ‘17 Project comes in. We realize that many of our friends and contributors are struggling, just like we are, yet still want to see MAP continue its mission of training missionaries to serve in America. We have come to two realizations, as we have looked at the current financial situation:

  1. Many people haven’t been informed that MAP is struggling financially.
  2. Many people want to help MAP, but would struggle to make large contributions each month.


These are the reasons that we have started this project. The first thing we are doing is asking those who love us to partner with us in raising awareness about MAP and its financial state. The message of MAP is one that we believe Christians throughout America can easily see a need for. We can’t be everywhere we need to be, however, and we need the help of our supporters to spread the word. If you would like to make it known to us, that you are going to help spread the MAP message, please visit our Volunteer page and sign up.

The second thing that we are asking is that our supporters consider partnering with us, financially, by pledging to donate $17 per month for the duration of 2017. We realize that, sometimes, when someone is asked to donate they feel like they need to give hundreds or thousands of dollars for their gift to be effective. In these times, however, the Church has to come together as a collective body to accomplish the tasks that are needed. Your gift of $17 per month will be invaluable in the work that God is doing through MAP.

The other way that we are hoping to help our contributors is by creating what we call “contributor families.” What these families will do is provide an opportunity for those who can’t afford a $17 per month donation to still be able to be a part of a the $17 in ’17 Campaign. What we will do when we receive a donation of $8.50 is match it up with another donation of $8.50. This way, for less than $10 per month, those who want to help MAP but would struggle to make a full donation can still be a partner with us.

The last thing we are asking for is your prayers. We strive to always end our financial requests with the most important request of all, prayer. We ask you to pray that MAP will grow financially and in the number of people we are able to reach. The spiritual decline in America is overwhelming and we desperately need missionaries who will work within this country. Please pray that our program will be able to effectively train an abundance of missionaries for America.